We Make Biomaterials

Combining natural elements: organic and agroforestry residues and an organic adhesive material.

Customized, fulfilling customers' needs.

Cost effective;
With good design;
Extending natural resources life cycle.

100% biodegradable, contributing to:
+ Environmental sustainability;
+ Decarbonization;
+ Ecological footprint reduction.


Our biocomposites are multifaceted and result in numerous applications.
After their original application they can be reused for organic fertilization of soils or incorporated into new biocomposites.

Forestry pots and containers

Construction boards

Ornamental vases

"We aim to be a reference in the supply of innovative and high performance biomaterials."

— Spawnfoam®

About Us

The “Spawnfoam” idea emerged in 2013 with a clear goal: to change the paradigm of production and consumption of petroleum derived composites and materials, such as plastics, presenting a competitive alternative of organic and biodegradable origin.

From idea to practice, today Spawnfoam is a recognized biotechnology company with major awards and prizes.
It differs in the market by the technological innovation in the development of biomaterials that contribute decisively to increase the planet’s sustainability, to improve the efficiency in the use of the resources and, consequently, to the transition to a circular economy.


Pedro MendesCEO - Mechanical Eng.

Guilhermina MarquesHoR - Teacher @ UTAD and Researcher @ CITAB

Cynthia MalhadasResearcher - Biotecnhology Eng.

Co-financed by the North2020 | Project NORTE-02-0651-FEDER-037008 | Vale Incubação

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 827643

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