BoxPot Thyme – Organic Aromatic Herbs Kit – 24 unit

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This box contains:

  • 24 Spawnfoam Pots
  • Organic Seeds
  • Substrate BIO



  1. Insert the substrate into the pot and press lightly
  2. Place approximately ¼ of the number of seeds indicated on the package
  3. Cover with a thin layer of substrate and water (moisten)
  4. Place the pot in a place with natural light with a few hours of direct sunlight
  5. Wait with affection and love for the germination of your seeds.
  6. At the end of the production, do not throw the vase away. Bury it in the soil with the plant.


How to care:

  1. Check regularly that the substrate has moisture for the seeds to germinate
  2. Keep in sunlight whenever possible
  3. Be careful with the temperature

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Set of 24 germination kits. With organic herbs seeds and a biodegradable pot.

BoxPot is a user-friendly seed growing kit made by Spawnfoam. We have the ambition of a green planet. Free of pollutants, without plastics and zero waste. The combination of knowledge and technology, has given rise to a 100% organic and biodegradable product. It is useful for its users as it is for the transition to a Circular Economy.

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Weight 5300 g
Dimensions 44 × 34 × 23 cm